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Lesley Rolls

Lesley Rolls

Coordinating Wildlife Biologist - Lewistown, MT

(406) 274-2672

Lesley Rolls grew up in the mountains of southern California. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, birding, fishing and hunting. After graduating high school, she moved to Montana to receive her Bachelor of Science in Resource Conservation from the University of Montana. Since graduating in 2020, she has worked with a variety of bird species from the swamps of Florida to the tundra of Alaska, but always returning home to Montana. Lesley started her position as a coordinating wildlife biologist for Pheasants Forever and the BLM in Lewistown, MT back in November 2022. Her position involves securing public access, helping with conservation easements, monitoring sage grouse populations through breeding surveys, conducting research focused on short-eared owls, collaborating on breeding bird survey efforts with other agencies, and aiding with wildlife friendly fencing and mesic restoration. Lesley is excited to be in a position that allows her to work with wildlife, secure access to continue Montana’s hunting traditions, and support and learn about proper resource management techniques to support conservation efforts in Central Montana.